Red Hot MSU Spartans

imageThe date was Saturday November 21, 2015. The location was Ohio Stadium in Columbus Ohio, and the Opponent of course was the then Undefeated, number 3 ranked, Overly confident Ohio State Buckeyes! The goal coming in for the Spartans was to go 1-0 for yet again another week! This goal was a pretty realistic one. If you were to take a quick glance at the Spartans yearly resume, they are taking care of business. The only blunder coming in the form of a frustrating lose to the Nebraska Cornhuskers! It was pretty realistic keeping in mind that the then 9th ranked MSU Spartans were being led by the  Connor Cook. The Winningest  Active Quarteback in NCAA. For all who watched the game they witnesees history in the making. They had the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness  Michael Geiger insert a dagger in the chest of the Buckeyes! That dagger came in the form of a game winning 41 yard field goal as time slowly expired off the game clock. That same 41 yard dagger accomplished two things simultaneously! It put a blemish on the Ohio State buckeye’s then spotless, no loss season. That Absolutely crushed them! On the other hand, it resurrected the Michigan State Spartans dreams for this 2015-2016 College Football Season! The dream to join The top 4 teams in the nation heading into this years College Football Playoffs!

The Big Ten teams seem to be playing with a bit of chip on their collective shoulders. Iowa, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Michigan are all sitting in the top 15 comfortably. These teams came in thinking ” we can go all the way” nothing less was expected before kicking off the season. Now with the Big Ten championship game only 3 days away, the Spartans control their own destiny. The Hawkeyes will be arriving to Locus Oil Stadium with a Blemish Free 12-0 record! This will be a thrilling battle between two of the the Big Ten’s top teams. The Energy in Locus Oil stadium will be electrifying! Buckeye Fans will have no choice but to sit in front of their flat screen tvs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, to enjoy the spectacle. We almost be for certain that Alabama, Clemson, and Oklahoma will be paying very close attention to the outcome of this bout.

Let’s be honest, this is college football, anything can happen! The fat lady has not even begun to warm up her vocal cords yet in the Spartans eyes. At the same time, the goal is still the same, go 1 – 0 just one more week. Knowing what the ultimate goal is is important, but Coach Dantonio understands the importance of taking the next logical step, and taking care of the team/obstacle directly in front of you. Let’s not forget that this man has won 2 big ten championships in the past 5 years. Also keep in mind that he has also been named Big Ten coach of the year both of those years. This state is nothing new for the Spartans. It’s expected, and come Saturday they will be ready.

Arron Burbridge has been unstoppable as of late! If you were privileged enough to witness his ridiculous double spin touchdown catch again my Penn State, you can see him as a clear candidate for best receiver in the conference! Can anyone truly argue that statement. He has accumulated well over 1,000 receiving yard with 6 touchdowns this season. Michigan State will be looking to get him involved early and often this coming weekend! His draft stock is surely rising game after game after game. Junior Wr. R.J. Shelton has been coming in clutch this season. He had a 29 yard touchdown catch against the Nittany Lions, and will be looking to make a big impact in Indianapolis. It’s time for America to accept it. Michigan State is a solid team. They aren’t going anywhere. Get used the the green and white.

W.R. Aaron Burbridge makes Impressive double Spin TD Catch